The Molecatcher - Warwickshire



"In all cases the best advice is to call me and we can then discuss 
the exact nature of your mole problem."

The simple rule, which I will apply to all Molecatching work, is that there is ‘No fee’ if I do not catch. In that sense the emphasis is completely upon me to prove my worth as a Molecatcher. I will take on any size of mole problem. 

I am able to approach pricing in a number of different ways and will always agree the price with you before I start. Different problems and your expectations will influence the detail of that agreement. Below is some honest and open guidance on how I manage pricing. 

For example, a home owner may want the mole damage to their lawn stopped entirely, whilst a farmer may wish the numbers of moles in his pastureland to be reduced and managed over a year. For that reason I split the pricing 'generally' between Domestic and Agricultural land, but there will always be some exceptions to that. Below is some guidance of that pricing, but the best advice is to call me and we can discuss further.

I rely heavily on recommendations for future molecatching and in my experience that only comes from being fair, honest and effective with your mole problems.

Domestic Gardens:

Moles in Domestic Gardens can cause a surprising amount of damage. However, in gardens of an ‘average’ size, there will generally only be a small number of moles and usually only one. For this reason I find that the most appropriate charge is a ‘First Mole’ Fee, followed by a set figure for each subsequent mole caught. You will pay nothing until I have started to catch. If our agreement is to remove all moles and prevent further damage then I will keep trapping until that is achieved. In these circumstances I charge £40 for the first mole and £10 per mole thereafter. This arrangement will typically involve me doing the following:

  •     Initial Contact (Telephone) Advice / Assessment

  •      Day 1 – “Set-up” – Site Visit / Assessment / Agreement / Traps set

  •      Day 2 - Traps checked

  •      Day 3 – Traps checked (Removed, if satisfied that moles are all caught)

  •      Further visits as necessary until mole damage has ceased …….


You do NOT pay for the number of visits but the number of moles caught. Whilst I cannot (No molecatcher can!) tell exactly how many moles will be present, I can place an agreed ‘ceiling’ on the cost, if required and will either catch up to that sum (per mole rate) or to the point where no further mole damage occurs (single contract -preferred).


Neighbours Rates: 

It is often the case that mole problems overlap neighbouring properties. It makes complete sense, for both you and me, that the moles are controlled across both areas at the same time. If not, it is possible that the un-trapped moles will adjust their territories and appear in the area vacated by trapping. It also makes economic sense for me to trap and inspect both properties simultaneously, reducing my travel costs and time. For that reason I offer a ‘Shared, single set-up cost’. I produce a breakdown on the invoice showing the numbers of moles caught on each property to allow you to settle this between you. 

I encourage this approach because you will have better long-term results in reducing mole damage on your property. 


Garden A – 3 moles caught = First mole £40, subsequent 2  moles £10 each

Total £60

Garden B – 2 Moles caught = 2 moles at £10 each

Total £20

Agricultural / Commercial Rates: 

These rates typically relate to very large gardens, farmland, paddocks, sports fields, golf courses, churchyards, camp-sites and  commercial / business sites. 

Generally covering a larger acreage than domestic gardens, these sites are usually affected by more moles. Subject to your expectation from the trapping and the degree of infestation, there are a number of options available and consideration can be given to reduced costs 'per mole' or a contract based on a specific agreement and expectation of mole control. This might mean initial clearance then regular visits to the perimeter of the land to deal with any new activity. 

Please note that in all cases I will work with you to agree a pricing 

plan that recognises your expectations and requirements. 


In all cases ‘No Fee’ is due until I have started to catch and, in all cases, the emphasis will be placed upon me to catch quickly and effectively.