The Molecatcher - Warwickshire

Risk Assessment, Method Statement and Public Liability Insurance

I Risk Assess all Molecatching work and this is recorded before I commence trapping. I will ask for your assistance in answering a few questions before I start. This will relate to some understanding of who has access to the site and what hazards might be there (Underground cables, use of machinery etc) I have produced a Generic Risk Assessment (click to view) which covers the majority of common considerations but I will also assess and consider any site specific risks before I commence work.

I have current and specific Public Liability Insurance with ‘Tradesman Insure’ (Certificate available for inspection - £1M cover)

Please note that in all cases the Landowner should also consider their own Assessment of Risk should they decide NOT to Control the Resident Mole Population. 

It could be decided that failure to reduce the damage caused by moles contributed to injury or damage, ie trips / falls, on runs or molehills. This would be particularly relevant where the site is used for a specific purpose that provides an expectation of suitability for that purpose – i.e. a sports field or public garden. Employing the services of a fully insured and trained molecatcher to mitigate and prevent such situations, would go a long way in your favour were you to be challenged on this point.