The Molecatcher

  • "Great Job Steve - 34 Moles in one week is fantastic work.... " Rachel - Facilities Manager on large corporate Training site

  • "Thanks Steve - the reduction in Mole numbers will make a massive difference to our hay harvest - amazing how much damage 8 moles can cause." - Vicky - small holding - Kenilworth

  • "That mole had been driving me and my neighbour barmy - even my green-keeper friend couldn't catch it! You had it in the first night. A great service thank you" -Yvonne - home owner near Warwick

  • "You made that look very simple! I'm sure it wasn't though. I would have no hesitation in recommending you - Polite, efficient, punctual and very knowledgeable about your craft. The mole in my garden had evaded my efforts to catch it and you caught it within the first few hours!"  - David - Small holding - Princethorpe.

  • "Thanks Steve. Just one mole, as you said there would be. and the bonus was that you caught it in the garden next door! Your 'Neighbour's Rate' is a really good idea and certainly helped us solve the problem. A problem I might add that we had previously spent lots of money trying to resolve, with useless deterrents. Wish we had called you earlier" Pat - Home Owner -Ryton on Dunsmore

  • " You were right about there being just two moles on the lawns despite the amount of damage they were causing. Both caught quickly and in the traps you said they would be in! a very tidy job too when you had finished. If we suffer again I wont leave it so long next time before calling you"  John - Gardens - Beausale

  • " Steve - I just wanted to pass on my thanks for catching the moles that had been blighting our garden. The damage has stopped much to the delight of my gardener! - Home owner - Haseley knob

  • Our dream home had become plagued by mole hills. We had seven years earlier used a mole catcher, but he was a con man. We had bought + used(!)sonic mole repellents and claw traps, but failed miserably!!Then Steve found us. He has been so professional, his fee structure meant we could not lose. having hired Steve, he trapped 2 moles on day 1, 2 more on day 2, in total we had 7 moles causing the damage to our gardens!! We can't thank you enough. A job well done Steve. Babita & Pratyush, Hatton

  • Just a quick mail to say Thank You for resolving our mole problems so quickly. We couldn't quite believe how much soil they could move! Your proficiency was immediately evident and coupled with politeness, your prompt response and respect for our property gave us complete confidence in your service. We wish you every success with your business and have no hesitation in recommending you to others. Bob - Small Holding - Bishops Itchington

  • Hi Steve. Thank you for getting us mole-less! We wanted to write you a testimonial for your page.. so here it is! Steve is certainly a master molecatcher! He came and surveyed our garden, laid traps quickly and expertly, and had two moles the first night. With a further two moles on subsequent nights our problems are over for now. We would definitely use Steve again and have no hesitation in recommending his services to anyone with mole issues. Luci - Home owner - Meriden

  • Steve,  Thank you for clearing the many moles infesting Bagot's Castle, Baginton.  33 moles caught in just 2½ weeks.  Well done thank you.  I would certainly recommend Steve
    to anyone who has a mole problem.  Thank you, David Hewer, Custodian of Bagot's Castle.

  • Hi Steve,  Thank you for the excellent service you gave in dealing with the mole that was creating hills on our new lawn. I was very pleased to find someone who is knowledgeable about the craft of molecatching and takes pride in what he does. You explained clearly what needed to be done and carried out the work promptly. Your pricing is fair and thanks for coming back at no extra charge when it seemed we may have had another mole. I would be very happy to recommend you to anyone else who has a mole problem - Sue Bell homeowner - Kenilworth.